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20 CBD Cocktail Recipes for a Mellow Happy Hour

There’s nothing like an end-of-the-week cocktail to signal it’s time to kick up your feet and relax. It’s how we tend to ease into the weekend every Friday on Schoppee Farm, and this weekly ritual led us to develop many of the CBD cocktail recipes you’ll find below.

What Are the Effects of CBD Cocktails?

The secret ingredient in our CBD cocktail recipes is cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical derived from hemp. CBD is one of over 100 phytocannabinoids found in hemp, and unlike THC, it’s non-intoxicating and will not get you high. However, CBD does trigger a wonderfully mellowing effect on the body and mind, melting away stress, anxiety, and even minor aches and pains caused by inflammation. An added bonus? There’s also some evidence that CBD protects against alcohol-induced cellular damage.

Taking CBD in combination with alcohol can make you feel relaxed or even a little drowsy, depending on how much you ingest. We recommend using about five to 20 mg of CBD in the following CBD cocktail recipes, either in the form of a confection (one square) or oil (half a milliliter). Our resident French chef, André Gamard, uses traditional techniques dating back the 10th century to handcraft all of our CBD confections. He makes them in small batches with natural fruit purées and our finest full-spectrum hemp oil. Our Schoppee Special Reserve is a full-spectrum CBD oil, formulated using a blend of CBDa and CBD extracted designed to preserve our organic hemp flowers’ maximum medicinal power.

Ready to give these hemp-infused beverages a try? Pick your favorite spirit, including bourbon, mezcal, scotch, tequila, whiskey, and vodka, then transform a classic cocktail into the ultimate weekend unwinder. Cheers!


1. Baltimore Bang
No “bang” needed with this spin on a classic whiskey sour. Made with bourbon whiskey, apricot brandy, and fresh lemon juice, this simple and sweet drink is garnished with our limited-edition apricot pâte de fruit and an orange slice. Try this recipe!

2. Mint Julep
We love a good seasonal cocktail and this Kentucky Derby staple is no exception. While we haven’t formulated our own version of this refreshing drink just yet, we’re intrigued by this variation featuring bourbon, crushed ice, and three cannabis leaves (in place of the usual mint). Try this recipe!

3. The Line Break
Alinea, the Michelin-rated restaurant group based in Chicago, concocted this gem—which we expect will join the rankings of “classic cocktails” one day—to celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2020. We used our mango-flavored hemp oil in this recipe to get a different kind of buzz. Try this recipe!


4. Gin and Tonic
For this G&T, we suggest adding fresh raspberries and our raspberry-flavored CBD confection, garnished with aromatic rosemary. We also enjoy gin and tonic with our blueberry CBD confection stirred with the fresh herb, plus fresh blueberries. Try this recipe!

5. Gin & Chronic
After a particularly laborious week on the farm, we find taking CBD oil is helpful to relieve aches and pains. This CBD cocktail is made with gin, tonic water, and 15 mg of our full spectrum Schoppee Special Reserve, in natural or mango flavor. This crisp, citrusy beverage is everything after a hard day’s work. Try this recipe!


6. Traditional British Shandy
Sometimes, beer is best. And in those times, we prefer a half lager mixed with half lemon or lime soda, or anything citrusy. Add a splash of sparkling water (to cut the sweetness) and about five to 10 mg of our CBD oil blend. Then you're ready to throw one back and throw away your stress. Try this recipe!


7. Naked and Famous
This one comes from cocktail enthusiast, Josh Spencer, who hails from rural Maine and runs a blog called Bad Little Cocktails. While visiting our barn bar, he mixed up one of the tastiest cocktails we’ve ever had. Topped with our full spectrum CBD oil (in natural or mango flavor), this bevvie is a great way to jumpstart your weekend. Try this recipe!

8. Paloma Point
Mezcal, meet grapefruit. Grapefruit, meet mezcal. Mix in a splash of our mango-flavored CBD oil, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Crisp, smokey, and bright—the combination of the pink citrus and the smoky spirit creates a full-flavored drink that’s got so much chemistry, you might wanna ease into this romance with a bit of club soda. Try this recipe!


9. Pimm's Cup
Because one version of this classic drink is not enough, we made two. The first is made with Italian sparkling lemonade and all the fresh ingredients. The second was inspired by a Goop recipe, featuring simple syrup, lemon juice, and ginger beer. Both cocktails are topped off with 10 to 15 mg of our CBD oil blend in natural or mango flavor. You can’t go wrong with either one. Try this recipe!


10. Mojito
Balance is everything—in life, work, and cocktails. To make a mean mojito, you need to strike the perfect balance between mint, sugar, lime juice, and our mango-flavored CBD oil. Resist the urge to go heavy-handed on any of the yummy ingredients, remembering that more is not better in this case. With a little love and attention, this drink will come out just right. Try this recipe!


11. Buchanan’s Pineapple Cranberry
Fresh pineapple juice, the tartness from the cranberry, and a tasty garnish (we prefer cherries when in season) makes this a smash hit, particularly in the summer. The color combination of the fruit juice and vibrant decor ticks all the boxes of a beautiful afternoon sipper. Try this recipe!

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12. Penicillin
With a reputation as “a scotch-based drink guaranteed to cure whatever ails you," it’s a no-brainer for us to add half a milliliter, or 10 mg, of our natural-flavored CBD oil to this problem-solving cocktail. While we can’t confirm it is, in fact, a cure-all, we can attest that it made a hard week working on the farm feel relatively easy. Try this recipe!

13. The J&T
Look, we prefer gin with our tonic, too, but it’s nice to switch it up every once in a while. We highly recommend this pretty-in-pink scotch drink infused with our mango-flavored full spectrum CBD oil for a winning warm-weather cocktail. Try this recipe!


14. The Purple Halo
A cocktail should be two things: visually appealing and a welcome kick in the tastebuds. The butterfly pea flower tea in this cocktail changes colors depending on the pH of the liquid. When freezing the room-temperature tea to make that badass sphere ice cube, add one blueberry-flavored pâte de fruit square to the mold. The lime juice triggers the color change, leaving a stunning—and delicious mix of sour, sweet, and a touch of spice—halo of violet. Try this recipe!

15. Margarita
We’d be remiss to not include margarita on this list. Since we haven’t experimented with our version of this CBD cocktail yet, we look to this recipe that seems both sophisticated and tasty. Simply add 10 to 15 mg of our CBD oil to all the ingredients, which include a fascinating blend of aquafaba (the liquid in a can of chickpeas) and matcha powder. Try this recipe!


16. Arnold Palmer
How do you improve on the perfect combo of tea and lemonade? You bring vodka to the party, plus our natural-flavored CBD oil. What you get is a sweet, refreshing, and easy spring and/or summer cocktail that’s great for when you’re in a hurry to park your derriere on a garden bench or beach chair. Try this recipe!

17. Martini
This sophisticated, spirit-forward sipper has been known to bring us back to life after a draining workweek. Drift into bliss with blueberry vodka and our blueberry-flavored pâte de fruit CBD confection that makes this beverage best enjoyed with eyes closed. Hot tip: The longer the confection sits in this drink, the better. Try this recipe!


18. Old Fashion
The star ingredient is surprisingly not the rye whiskey (though we love it), but rather one bud of our North Lifter hemp flower. When combined with smoked rosemary, our mood-boosting hemp gives this classic old fashion a gorgeous, smokey presentation with a complex aroma and taste. Try this recipe!


19. Seville Orange & Rosemary Mocktail
Sometimes, a good non-alcoholic, hemp-infused cocktail does the trick. Here’s an orange concoction that we created using sparkling water—though you can substitute the bubbly H2O with Prosecco, if you want—along with 10 mg of our natural-flavored CBD oil. Serve it in a fancy glass of your choice to feel extra special. Try this recipe!

20. Sparkling Water & Pâte de Fruit
We try to practice clean eating as often as possible. Farm life is not easy, so it’s important for us to make our mental and physical health a priority, which includes daily exercise, a consistent meditation practice, and getting a good night’s rest. So, sometimes, we replace our evening cocktail with a simple dose of CBD in sparkling water to help us unwind. Try this recipe!


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