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5 stars

Fast shipping and fantastic products, I have sever IBS and this duvet Haze is such a pain reliever

My doggo loves...

These treats, now she doesn't like other ones. Keeps her calm, less nervous.

Incredible Sleep Support

WOW. I've tried a few different Sleep/CBN brands and Schoppee Farm is THE MOST effective that I've ever tried. I only need less than a quarter of a dropper. The attention to growing incredible plants and paying close attention to their extraction processes is what makes Schoppee Farms a standout CBD resource. I get such restful sleep when I take Sleep Special oil. My body and mind are both able to relax, and a deep sleep (with no groggy mornings!) is always the result! THANK YOU!

Best Sleep of My Life

I have tried a bunch of different CBD products and this is by far the best. My husband and I are new to pre-rolls and tried this as recommended by a friend and we LOVE these. We have the best sleep of our LIVES after these with no side effects the next day like most products like melatonin have given us. Can't wait to try more of these!

My favorite sleep aid

I have had insomnia for years. Adding Sleep Special to my evening bed time regimen has made a huge difference in my sleep quality. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. The only negative is the price, which seems really high to me.

Hi Merrie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I’m very happy to hear it is working well for you. I use this product myself with great results and have always struggled to sleep well. I absolutely agree this is an expensive product. Unfortunately, the sleep oil and capsules are very expensive for us to create because of the amount of material required to source the CBN. We are always working on our processes and I am hopeful we will be able to bring the price down in time. That said, we will always work with every customer to make sure the products they need to feel good and be healthy are affordable.

Please always feel free to be in touch with any questions or concerns.

Ben Edwards

Great seller and product

Product arrived quickly. Packaged nicely. Product paperwork included. Product is well tolerated and is effective. You will not be disappointed ordering from Schoppee.

Hi Shirley,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! Please don't hesitate to reach out if any questions come up.

Ben and the Schoppee Crew

Loves her treats.

Slowed down her scratching. She seems less intense now.

Beautiful, handcrafted & Family Owned

Schoppee Farm creates beautiful products with a lovely presentation in packaging & personalized notes in your shipments. As an honorary Mainer, I appreciate the work ethic that goes into Schoppee Farm. Their line of CBD products are not only high quality with clean ingredients, but also offer comfort to sore bodies. As a massage therapist, I highly recommend trying Schoppee Farm full spectrum CBD topicals.

This and the 3x salve are really helping my sciatica

I am using this in the morning in addition to the 3x salve throughout the day and it is making a huge difference in my sciatica pain. I also take the Sleep oil at night so maybe it is the combination of the 3. Whatever it is, it works and I feel so much better!

Still figuring this out!

I have used the Pasture Suver Haze Oil for the past 4 nights and started a bit lower than the dosing instructions for helping with sleep. I'm not seeing a strong effect yet but plan to work my way up in dosing. I bought the original, unflavored oil and really like the herbaceous taste. It does burn my throat a bit going down, so I may add it to some herbal tea before bed to see how that works. I feel very confident in the quality and purity of the product, but I need to get the dosing right.

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! I have a couple thoughts for you on product on dosing.

Lets start by talking about the product. This particular oil, the Pasture Suver Haze oil, is meant to be relaxing, but not necessarily sedating. Most of our customers use it for general health and wellness, or to help take the edge off during the day or in the evening. Some people also use it to help them ease in to a restful nights sleep but it is not the product I would recommend to address serious sleep issues.

For sleep specifically, I would recommend our Sleep Special oil or capsules. There are a few reasons, one of them is dosage, and I will address that in a moment. The Sleep Special has a different blend of cannabinoids and terpenes then the Pasture Suver Haze oil, and is designed specifically to be sedating. It is also dosed much higher. A 1ml dropper of the Sleep Special is 50mg. For comparison purposes, a 1ml dropper of the Pasture Suver Haze oil is 20mg. The reason for this large difference in potency is we find, for most people, sleep requires a relatively high dose. Most people fall in to the 50mg-150mg range for help with serious sleep trouble. This is very different than the typical dosage required for general health and wellness, as well as help taking the edge of daily stresses. We find this is typically 10mg-30mg for most people.

I hope this what helpful. If not please feel free to reach out to us directly at or (207) 271-3600


Milk Chocolate Bar

First off shipping was very fast I mean two days fast. The presentation inside the box is phenomenal even came with a card hand written, not from a computer, personally thank me what company does that anymore? I have to say the handwritten card was the something I didn’t expect but was much appreciated thank you. The chocolate bar the highest of quality I have ever had very smooth and delicious. I can tell a lot of time was spent making this bar it’s not your run of the mill milk chocolate it’s got love in this chocolate. You have a customer for life. I can’t wait to try the white chocolate bar. Thank you and keep up the awesome work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love these....and my dogs do too!

I have an elderly Lab who developed car anxiety in her older age. These help her chill out and enjoy the ride again!!

Amazing product

Helps falling into a deep sleep without getting you high. Love love love.

Apricot Pâte de Fruit • Full Spectrum
Delicious and holistically nutritious

I took these on a trip, in substitute of the drops. It's hard to only eat one, I'm a sugar bug who doesn't get pate de fruit very often. But it was worth the restraint. I felt very indulgent taking my CBD via confection, while on a relaxing vacation. I could see me substituting these in, de temps en temps.

Schoppee Farm Old Fashioned Pâte de Fruit • Full Spectrum
Was a gift

Sent these to my son he said best tasting ones he has ever tried. He really enjoy these Thank You for such a great product

Recent Convert

I always thought people were talking out their wazoo when it came to what CDB could do for you.. I honestly figured they were misidentifying what it was that was helping them but I wrong... I was recently looking for an alternative to manage my arthritis and I've found it! My friend just came back from a trip to Maine and picked up a bottle of 40mg CBG,CBD,CBDa and had me try it... I was amazed on the third day of taking it when waking up the first few steps out of bed didn't hurt.. then going upstairs I didn't have to pull myself up by the hand rail.. I literally bounced up the stairs. I've had more energy, I feel better and I'm sleeping more soundly then I have in ages. I made an order right away so I would not have to stop taking it. :) Thank you to Ciara and the crew for an amazing product and a fun thoughtful package the bottle arrived in. You are all AWESOME!!!


My dog has some mystery skin issues the dermatologist vet has not been able to figure out. I started him on these CBD treats and his hair has grown back in thick and soft. The vet is surprised but said if its working keep feeding them to him! He gets 1/2 of a treat per day and that's been enough to make a drastic improvement in his skin and fur. Thank you for making such a great product for dogs!!

Thank you!!

I am so happy with the results of this salve, I have nerve damage to the top of my foot and have pain and burning associated with this. I have used 800mg of ibuprofen with no relief, and have also used acetaminophen also with no relief, this salve is the only item that remedies this pain that creeps up on me daily--thank you so much!!

Best CBD dog treats

My dog Rico loves those! and I do believe they really help him, he used to get seizures once a week, now down to once a month.

Chocolate Bars 100mg
Alexandra A.
Dark chocolate and hazelnut spread

I love these products! I eat some in the morning and I don’t feel as anxious through out the day! It’s wonderful 🙂

Pain relief and better sleep

My wife and I were in a car accident, and she had 4 broken ribs and trouble sleeping, but your capsules and ointment have been a God-send...they have provided a ton of relief and allowed her to get the rest she so badly needs.
I also happened by the farm and met Ben and Kiara...very informative and helpful.
Thanks for everything.

Rich Lather, No Perfumes. I Love It !

I’ve used Schoppee products for a couple of years now and have always been impressed with their performance. I’ve also turned friends on to the products as well with great success . When I saw Schoppee products for sale at The Bazar in Eastport I purchased a bar of Josephs Soap. I use it for my body, face, hair etc. It’s rich in lather and no perfumes, Love it!! Please keep making these quality products.


This praline spread is a wonderful method of getting the benefits of CBD; it tastes amazing!

Only Oil I Buy!

I have tried quite a few different oils and this one works the best! I like that it has no junk in it, all pure. Everything else I have bought has additives such as coconut oil etc, etc. Tried the chocolate mint this time, and I love it! Helps my arthritis and also calming. Thank you Schoppee Farm!

Love it!!

I love everything I order from here!! Its worth every penny!