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Great tea/cbd combo product

This product is a great combo of cbd, tea and honey. Definitely worth trying. Not to mention, I've never had a bad product from Schoppee Farm.

Calm pup

These really help my dog settle at night. She gets jumpy when it is dark and trucks drive by the house or there are other loud noises. These treats allow her to relax. She is 55lbs and I give her half a treat. If there are fireworks I use a whole treat.

Great calming treats

I really like these for my 10-yr old Berner. He has a poor appetite (I mean he will ignore his good all day). I have noticed that a few hours after he has one of these he seems to have an appetite and eats his prescription dry dog food! So a win, win. And the treats are healthy, organic.

The best product

This is the best product I have come across. I sleep great, and I'm not groggy the next day. Highly recommended.

Lymphedema and nerve pain relief in one

Recently had a bilateral mastectomy that had axillary node dissection necessary. This along with their CBN oil has provided more relief from nerve pain and reduced swelling enormously. Can't overstate how amazing the quality is and effective relief for first time in 4 weeks.

Great product Team Schoppee!

Our caregiver patient is now sleeping much better.

Excellent Quality

My 10 month old dachshund/Italian greyhound mix really calms down when he has his Schoppe Farm treat. He loves the taste too! Thanks Ben et al.

holiday bundle

Every product I have tried has been quality and a benefit to my daily life. The salve is my all time favorite for arthritic hand pain.

Super disappointed

Didn’t feel anything and taste was disappointing too. Reviews and description said it would be amazing. Not worth the money.

Hi Meg, I’m very sorry the pre-rolls were so disappointing. I will be in touch privately to see how we can make it right.

Ben Edwards.

Arnica relief salve

With arthritis in my thumbs/hands this salve is a deal breaker. I can use it when needed. It is easy to carry with me and has a subtle pleasant smell of spearmint.

My dogs are obsessed!

I gave these to my dog and he's obsessed with it! When I added another dog to our pack, I wanted to get a special treat for her and she is just as obsessed with these treats as my other dog! My senior dog has a sensitive stomach so I was happy to see that this didn't give him any problems!

Cute bundle!

I had some points from previously and wanted to use it up. I saw this cute little bundle and thought I'd give it a try. It comes in a nice bag and so festive! Honey and tea combo is to die for! try it out for yourself or add it to a gift!

Glad I found them!

I have been looking for a CBD/CBN mix after my usual shop stopped making them. I’m so glad I found this shop and the products work! I feel the same about other CBD companies just don’t do anything but Schoppee’s products help me sleep and reduce my anxiety.

Really calming

I used to smoke pot everyday for six to seven years. I quit over a year ago due to panic attacks and depression that it caused me. I used to work in a cannabis shop and none of the bud we used to sell even compared to this. I now am getting back into smoking cbd for my severe anxiety and depression. This is the first cbd pre roll I’ve tried ever. I used to take charlottes web full spectrum oil for my anxiety but somehow this strain of cbd bud is exactly what I need over the oils I’ve tried. I got it from ITF in Machias yesterday. Today I went back to ITF and bought two more pre rolls to try before buying straight bud. I got North lifter and Maine Pine. I will definitely review the other two after I smoke them. I’ve always been a cbd advocate. Cbd oil saved my cat from cancer. In under a year her tumor disappeared. She also only had a month or two left to live. So cbd definitely helps humans and animals. I truly believe cbd is the “fix all” for pretty much everything. Instead of taking Prozac or Paxil I’ve been using cbd oils, gummies and now joints to treat my anxiety and depression. So far it’s working well. I’m new to your farm but I’ve seen the first grow of y’all’s in the fields on the Kennebec road. I was so excited to see hemp fields out in the open. Knowing that is you guys makes me so happy! So for those debating on grabbing this strain, you definitely should if you have anxiety or depression or just want to calm down after an intense day or even during the day!


The yummiest chocolate bar I have ever had. Smooth, creamy just perfect. Chef Andre makes magic all that and cbd too!

Schoppee Farms & River Driver Cannabis

Maine Pine CBD pre rolls are the perfect way to unwind on a Friday evening, under the stars here in the Hawaiian countryside after a long hard week of work. Hope I can visit your farm next summer when I visit my family in Maine. Aloha!

Relief every night!

I use this every night on my hips so I can sleep! Love it!

so far it works great

Got many good reviews at the
Holistic Show at the Augusta Armory……. All Natural Items are great !!


This is so smooth and makes me feel better in every way. I really appreciate what you guys are doing! Please keep it up!

Happy customer

This pet CBD drop is amazing and doggies are totally love it.

Good produce

My dog is a Bedlington Terrier. The treats do help him calm his little self down!

Kissed by Hypnos himself

I’ve long struggled with insomnia and am a regular cannabis user/enthusiast. I’ve never been able to achieve a deep or prolonged sleep regardless of the strain consumed. I decided to give this CBD product a try after doing a bit of research on CBD and CBD purveyors. I happened upon this lovely company and gave this product a shot. I figured since I am a regular user of cannabis that I’d start with 1 dropper full of oil. I dosed myself ~ 1.5hrs prior to laying down. I didn’t feel any effects really until I actually laid down, once my head hit the pillow I immediately fell asleep. My spouse was absolutely stunned! I woke up the next morning and was in complete disbelief that I slept 7 hours, 7 HOURS! I average 2-3hrs of very irregular sleep most nights for as long as I can remember, even as a child. I have now used this product nightly for 4 nights and have achieved actual, deep and restful sleep! I still can’t believe that it works and works SO well! I am extremely appreciative of this product and ecstatic that I found this company! The product itself is delivered in exquisite packaging, instructions, documentation, etc. Everything about this product, packaging and communication has been world class. I NEVER leave reviews but felt absolutely compelled to do so this time. Do not hesitate, if this product can work for me, a life long insomniac, I imagine it can work for many, many others. Thank you SO much to Schoppee Farms! You have no idea how meaningful and impactful this product has been for me, thank you!

Love it!

Helped with my anxiety through a wedding without making me lethargic. It was perfect. I highly recommend.

Lovely terpenes, taste, and overall benefits

Definitely the best CBD flower I've tried, even so compared to CBD in Seattle, Denver, and southern California.

The North Lifter has a great taste and you can definitely taste/feel the terpenes. Has helped tenfold with nausea and morning sickness, headaches, cramping, anxiousness, tinnitus and overall gives a great feeling afterward.

You can just feel and taste the quality in this CBD. Very good stuff!


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