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Change in Routine: "Friday Sparkling Water & Pâte de Fruit"

Change in Routine: "Friday Sparkling Water & Pâte de Fruit"

If there is one important lesson we have learned over the past few seasons running our business and the farm is that establishing a healthy routine is everything.
Between the hectic pace and the layers of daily stress, our mental and physical health needs to be cared for. For us this means eating a clean, whole foods diet, having an established exercise and meditation routine, and getting a good night’s sleep. (The “good night’s sleep” has been especially challenging lately.) 
Recently, as we inch closer to the harvest season, we have replaced our evening cocktail with a healthy dose of CBD. This way we still can unwind as the day ends but stay focused enough so that we can keep on working! Extended hours are our new way of life so we must adapt! (Insert daydream of the good ol’ days of being a college student here.) 
(Do not fear,  we will continue mixing up a CBD cocktail every weekend for you, just taking a beat this Friday.)


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