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The J&T Cocktail with Essence of Mango Hemp Oil

The J&T Cocktail with Essence of Mango Hemp Oil

The prettier the drink the better it tastes! The color of this weeks cocktail makes me want to float around on an inflatable unicorn pool toy and watch a sunset. Unfortunately, there is no time for that but at least I have a pretty drink in my hand and my imagination! #alliethoughts 


Though I usually prefer gin with my tonic, this scotch, guava nectar juice, and thyme cocktail is near perfection. This week we used our mango infused full spectrum CBD oil to top off our perfect summer cocktail. The recipes is from Carlos Ruiz from Johnnie Walker: “The J&T.” Or what Ben likes to call it in the video the, “I don’t know what to call it, a pink drink.” (Not as catchy)

(Psst. Next week we will be featuring a glass designed and crafted for us by Venture Glass! Gorgeous glassware so make sure to check them out! )

cocktail image 


THE RECIPE: The J&T Cocktail with Essence of Mango Hemp Oil

prep time: 2 minutes
total time: 4 minutes
servings: 1 drink




  • Fill a mixing glass half full with ice and add the scotch, guava nectar juice, and lime juice. 
  • Stir together. 
  • Place one large ice cube into a balloon glass or any wine glass of your choice. 
  • Strain mixture into your glass. 
  • Add the tonic water.
  • Add the CBD oil.
  • Garnish with fresh thyme.
  • Enjoy!









































































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