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Paloma Point with Mango Hemp Oil

Paloma Point with Mango Hemp Oil

Happy Friday! We are back in the bar for another chilly, Maine May Friday. This weeks cocktail is inspired by a Pete Stanton recipe found here.  For this hemp infused beverage we put a spin on a very refreshing, very "gutsy" cocktail: "Paloma Point." Crisp, smoky and bright. 

The details

We are looking for a sweet Italian vermouth with a bitter Italian spirit to mix about 3:1 with the mezcal. We experimented with many different options as you can see in the video and they were all pretty darn good. The combination of grapefruit and the smoky mezcal is intoxicating and easily hides the other variations. We did find it was easy to over do the sweet vermouth though. It's a fine balance between the sweet and bitter spirits but it seems with a couple tries you can find it. The Paloma Point is a full flavored drink at full strength as outlined below, we did find you can dilute it quite a bit more than is called for with the club soda if you want something better suited to sipping all afternoon. 

 Paloma Point with Mango Hemp Oil

THE RECIPE: The Line Break with Mango SF Hemp Oil

prep time: 2 minutes
total time: 2 minutes
servings: 1 drink


  • 3/4 oz Punt e Mes - or other sweet vermouth
  • 3/4 oz Campari - or other bitter red Italian spirit
  • 1/2 oz mezcal - the more smoky the better!
  • 1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
  • 1 dash orange bitters
  • 2 oz Club soda
  • 1/2 mL (10mg CBD) Schoppee Special Reserve Blend CBD 600mg Essence of Mango
  • lemon rind garnish


  • Add the sweet vermouth, bitter spirit, mezcal, grapefruit juice, and bitters to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice.
  • Shake for 10 seconds or so, until good and chilled.
  • Add soda to the shaker and strain in to ice-filled highball glass.
  • Garnish with 10mg of Schoppee Special Reserve Mango CBD oil and a lemon rind. Enjoy! 



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