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"Why do you sell smokable products?"

"Why do you sell smokable products?"

"Why do you sell smokable products as a health and wellness brand?"

This is a question that continues to pop-up as we define our brand and promote a healthy and natural lifestyle and it is a great one! If we are preaching clean solutions and caring for our mind and body using natural products why would we carry smokable products?

Here is why we believe it’s crucial to offer our raw product:

  • With our products we decide how you take your CBD. If you buy the hemp flower you can extract the product yourself and do with it whatever you like! Extraction at home offers diversity. Hemp flower is versatile and this gives users a chance to be adventurous with our flower!
  • Smoking isn’t something we would recommenced for chronic use BUT it is effective for delivering a large dose of CBD in a short period of time. 
  • Our hemp flower is the foundation for all of our other products. When you purchase our flower you are seeing what goes into our oils, salves, confections, and pet treats. We want our customers to be able to purchase our hemp flower and see exactly what is used to craft their products! 


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