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Hemp Harvest Update 2020

Hemp Harvest Update 2020

Our 2020 hemp harvest season is officially over!

Another great year with our amazing crew, hand selecting only the finest hemp flower, cutting and hang-drying our crop for our full spectrum extract and many long days (and nights.)

What does harvest mean for us? What did we do this harvest season and where are we now?

This year we grew 16 strains of hemp versus the 2 grown in the previous season and bumped our acreage from 11 acres to 20, so a bit of a leap here on the farm!  We wanted to try new strains to give us a broader selection of cannabinoids to work with, like CBG and CBN, and test other strains to see how they would do here on the coast of Maine! 

The window for when the crop is at its peak is NARROW. This means we have to hustle, hustle, hustle to get everything in. Maine weather doesn’t mess around and when it gets cold it gets cold fast. We harvest for both flower and for biomass. The flower is what you get when purchasing a can of our hemp flower or our hand rolled pre-rolls. The biomass is what we harvest to extract and that extract is used for our absolute oils, body lotion, salve and pate de fruit. Both require a different harvest method. (All done by hand and done in the most meticulous fashion for the highest quality product.)

Here is how we harvest our hemp crop and the process we use in the final farming step before our plants are processed and crafted into your favorite CBD product!



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