Dr. David Rioux - Preparations, Staying Sane, Hemp Honey, and More | The Schoppee Farm Show

"We will all get through this...stay health and stay away!"

- Dr. David Rioux

Dr. David Rioux is a family physician and hospitalist for Down East Community Hospital in Machias Maine. He has been a member of the Downeast community for over 30 years after moving here, with his family, after serving in the US Navy. Dr. Rioux is also a partner in, and co-medical director of, the Schoppee Farm.

4:02 What is it like in your office right now?
15:00 How are you protecting yourself and your family as an essential worker.
17:30 Should I start wearing a mask in public?
21:50 Washington Counties first case and how is Downeast Maine preparing?
26:58 How are you staying sane?
33:40 Dr. Dave's CBD honey recipe.
36:00 What can we, the public, do to help?

Please enjoy Dr. Dave’s first appearance on the show!

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