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I always thought people were talking out their wazoo when it came to what CDB could do for you.. I honestly figured they were misidentifying what it was that was helping them but I wrong... I was recently looking for an alternative to manage my arthritis and I've found it! My friend just came back from a trip to Maine and picked up a bottle of 40mg CBG,CBD,CBDa and had me try it... I was amazed on the third day of taking it when waking up the first few steps out of bed didn't hurt.. then going upstairs I didn't have to pull myself up by the hand rail.. I literally bounced up the stairs. I've had more energy, I feel better and I'm sleeping more soundly then I have in ages. I made an order right away so I would not have to stop taking it. :) Thank you to Ciara and the crew for an amazing product and a fun thoughtful package the bottle arrived in. You are all AWESOME!!!


My dog has some mystery skin issues the dermatologist vet has not been able to figure out. I started him on these CBD treats and his hair has grown back in thick and soft. The vet is surprised but said if its working keep feeding them to him! He gets 1/2 of a treat per day and that's been enough to make a drastic improvement in his skin and fur. Thank you for making such a great product for dogs!!

Thank you!!

I am so happy with the results of this salve, I have nerve damage to the top of my foot and have pain and burning associated with this. I have used 800mg of ibuprofen with no relief, and have also used acetaminophen also with no relief, this salve is the only item that remedies this pain that creeps up on me daily--thank you so much!!

Best CBD dog treats

My dog Rico loves those! and I do believe they really help him, he used to get seizures once a week, now down to once a month.

Dark chocolate and hazelnut spread

I love these products! I eat some in the morning and I don’t feel as anxious through out the day! It’s wonderful 🙂

Pain relief and better sleep

My wife and I were in a car accident, and she had 4 broken ribs and trouble sleeping, but your capsules and ointment have been a God-send...they have provided a ton of relief and allowed her to get the rest she so badly needs.
I also happened by the farm and met Ben and Kiara...very informative and helpful.
Thanks for everything.

Rich Lather, No Perfumes. I Love It !

I’ve used Schoppee products for a couple of years now and have always been impressed with their performance. I’ve also turned friends on to the products as well with great success . When I saw Schoppee products for sale at The Bazar in Eastport I purchased a bar of Josephs Soap. I use it for my body, face, hair etc. It’s rich in lather and no perfumes, Love it!! Please keep making these quality products.


This praline spread is a wonderful method of getting the benefits of CBD; it tastes amazing!

Only Oil I Buy!

I have tried quite a few different oils and this one works the best! I like that it has no junk in it, all pure. Everything else I have bought has additives such as coconut oil etc, etc. Tried the chocolate mint this time, and I love it! Helps my arthritis and also calming. Thank you Schoppee Farm!

Love it!!

I love everything I order from here!! Its worth every penny!

Needed this

Amazing. Shared this with my friend and she loved how mellow it got her while still being able to function. It hit me harder and I fell asleep. The good stuff!

Needed this

Amazing. Shared this with my roommate and she loved how mellow it got her while still being able to function. It hit me harder and I fell asleep. The good stuff!

Beautiful bottle and works wonders for my pups!

I genuinely love everything I get from Schoppee Farm and this is no different. Absolutely beautiful bottle and it does wonders for my reactive pup. We gave her some before her vet appointment and she did great! My other dog is approaching 9 years old and he has sensitive stomach and this didn't give him loose poo like some other cbd oils. He seemed mellow and just happy :) Nothing better than seeing your pups happy and healthy! I drop the correct amount in their dinner, doesn't have a strong fish smell or that typical cbd smell you might expect which is why my dogs ate up their food without any suspicion haha!

If your dog is old or is reactive like my dogs, give this a try! you won't regret it!

Shoppee farms

Make the best chocolate bars .....nice place.nice people.

Dark chocolate

I don't want to open it yet.i love brown paper packages wrapped up in string.💕

Happy Camper

I'm so impressed with you. Excellent customer service. Treated very well, make me feel human. Thank you for such an excellent product. Helps me so much.

Part of my daily routine

I put the cbd lotion all over before I do my physical therapy routine, and I can honestly say it has prevented pain and dislocations. If I put the lotion for pain, it takes 5-10 minutes before I feel like taking a giant breath of relief. This stuff comes everywhere with me. I'm working very hard on converting my friends from ibuprofen to CBD.

Makes a noticeable difference in mood and aches

I take about a quarter/third of a dropper in the morning, and a quarter of a dropper in the evening. Over time, I've noticed that I'm better able to regulate my emotions/reactions, and that my anxiety/depression have lessened greatly. I deal with hEDS, and find that my GI issues see slight improvement with regular ingestion of Schoppee Farm's CBD oil. For a while I was using Special Reserve/Pasture Suver interchangeably. I've been using only Pasture Suver for a few weeks now, and am still very pleased. I usually put the oil under my tongue before I take a sip of coffee, the plain oil tastes great with the flavor of coffee, in my opinion.

Dog treat

I have a 30 pound terrier mix. He runs up and down the outside stairs chasing squirrels. He continues to injure his back legs. Within 3 days of giving him the hemp treats he is no longer in pain and has full mobility. No more harsh pain killers for him!

Move over Nutella! This hazelnut praline spread rules.

Best tasting hazelnut spread of all time.

I received a sample and this is a game changer for me

Its nice to see this finally available to the public. Not only is this by far the best tasting Schoppee oil I have tried it works incredibly well. Its great to see they made an oil to specifically address sleep. Its such a problem for so many people, myself included. I have been using this for about 10 days and I track my sleep quality with an app and this has had a greater effect on the quality and quantity of sleep than literally anything else I have tried. I am feeling great and plan to keep using this! I am taking 50-100mg a day. I haven't decided on exactly the right dosage for me. But call or write and talk to them, they will help you figure it out. They have better customer service than just about any company ever.

Morello cherry

I take one before bedtime and sleep well. They're good but I prefer the blueberry.

Outstanding flavour profile

I'm typically not a huge fan of white chocolate, so I wasn't sure I wanted to stock it in my shop. But I'm so glad I did because the flavour is just extraordinary. The unique taste of the hemp flower actually enhances and compliments the cocoa butter and the combination of flavours creates a taste far better than the sum of the parts. I'm looking forward to Schoppee Farm white chocolate draped over pate de fruit!

How much better can they get

yup… every year they get better and looooove their new products! THANK YOU

This is the first time I have used a CBD product and did so on the recommendation of a relative using the product. I have seen significant improvement with a knee issue after just one week!