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No winter skin

I have always struggled with winter skin and red bumps. I have had 0 red bumps or irritations since using this.

Great for pups with joint issues

Our 10 year old dog was having issues getting up and down. We have given these treats to him regularly over the past 5 or 6 months and is doing so much better!

This changed my old dogs life

I have an old adopted shelter mutt that has really been struggling the last few months. Nothing the vet has done so far has worked. We have been having trouble getting her to leave the doorstep. I have been worried we were going to have to put her down. After a few days on this oil she is walking around the yard when we take her out and even did a little jump and run in the snow yesterday! Incredible. I don't know how long it will last but I think this oil has bought my family and I more time with our beloved dog. So many thank Schoppee Farm.

Delicious and super clean

Help me sleep which can oftentimes be a challenge. They’re pretty amazing!!

Thanks Andrew!

Shipping delay

Four stars only due to shipping delays, which falls on USPS and not Schoppee Farm. Unfortunately, I've yet to receive the order, which was shipped on the 17th of February. With that said, every product we've tried thus far has been amazing and we have every intent to continue using Schoppee Farm products.

Hi Michael,

I am so sorry about the delay in your shipment. We continue to struggle with all of our shipping partners. I have put in an inquiry with USPS about your order and will be in touch. Again, my apologies for the delay. It is unacceptably late at this point.


Arnica Pain Salve

It is wonderful. Gives almost immediate pain relief on my joints in my hands.

Lane, that is great! Please let us know if there is anything we can do.



Already placed another order!


The Schoppee Farm Old Fashioned Pate de Fruit - Full Spectrum are delicious and work quickly.


This is an absolutely delicious fruit pate - and wonderfully relaxing, too! I adore it!!

Lovely Budly

Smooth smoke, excellent vibes, new fave.

Awesome product

I a disabled vet , been in pain joint pain back spasm you name it. This product has helped me tremendously


This was a Valentine’s gift for a friend... it arrived so late I was forced to keep it for myself. Winter storm delays in Texas I suppose. I expected more of a relaxing feeling with the deliciousness. Maybe my edge is too sharp to take off. Thanks however. Packaging was beautiful.

Hi Sharon,

I am sorry for the slow response! I am happy to hear you enjoyed the taste but bummed it didn't have the desired effect. To bring anxiety down a touch, for most people, it takes between 10mg and 30mg. The pâte de fruit are 20mg each, so it may be worth taking 1 and a half or even two. Some people are less sensitive than others. It takes two for me to really take the edge off. I'd love to send you another sample of them to see what you think. Let me know what flavor and I'll get it headed your way.


I still have not received it can not review it. It is really late compared to when it was promised.


I am incredibly sorry for the delayed shipment. I just checked and it appears to be stuck in USPS never never land. This is an unacceptably long delay and we will ship a replacement order to you immediately. Again, I am truly sorry.


Delicious and Relaxing

Love the Pate de Fruit. It’s a delicious little treat before bed that helps me relax into a peaceful slumber. Thank you!

Thank you Christy! That is great to hear.

I really noticed a positive effect at the end of the 4 day trial

Wanted to let you know that I got the sample, beautifully packaged. I took one of the pieces each day for the next 4 days and while the absence of pain is not as easily noticed as its presence, I really noticed a positive effect at the end of that time. I have some chronic pain from back injury and gut problems, by day #4 I was not noticing those pains. Your product is a little pricey for me on a fixed income but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it for their well being. Thanks so much, I really appreciated the opportunity to try it. Best regards, Jerry


These are truly delicious! Gentle relaxation and calm sleep.

High Quality product

Fruit flavor shines through, made me highly relaxed but not sleepy. Recommend.


They were delicious! I also got a really good restful nights sleep!

Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for writing a review. Its great to hear you are sleeping well!


Just when you thought chocolate couldn't get any better

They went and added high-quality, organic CBD to it. These chocolates would be amazing on their own but combined with Schoppee Farm's product it's pure heaven. Love!

Thanks Steve!


They taste amazing and help me relax so much. It really helps me get to sleep and have a restful night.

Hi Jasmine,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. It is wonderful to the pâte de fruit is helping you sleep!


Advised to try to help ease discomfort for back/hip issues. Ordered original first but had a hard time taking it due to taste. Ordered the mango, the next time, hoping it would taste better but didn’t notice much difference in taste. Do you have suggestions to help take it?

Hi Janet,

Thank you so much for trying our products and taking the time to write a review. Our oils, of which the Pasture Suver Haze is one, are meant to be as efficacious as possible with almost no compromises made for flavor. Basically, we consider them to be medicine so do everything we can to make them work as well as possible, the strong taste is a result of the very full spectrum extraction and the hemp seed carrier oil. That said, there are some options to help make them more palatable. The first option is to simply rub the oil directly on your skin, or add it to your favorite lotion, and rub that on your skin. CBD absorbs very well through the skin. It will end up in your blood stream and have much the same effect as swallowing it. Another is to add the oil to a smoothie, coffee, tea, etc. I will reach out privately so we can have a more in depth conversation.



I really like the new dog treats can stay longer and they don’t need to be refrigerated. Bravo 🙌

Thanks David!

Lost the product!!!

I would love to comment on your product. I was making a tincture to help my hubby. He has FTD dementia. I dropped and shattered the whole jar. I’ll order it again when we get SS. The product appeared perfect. The packaging-exceptional. I’ll try again as soon as possible.

Mrs. Wilson,

I am so sorry to hear about dropping the jar! I've certainly doet that myself more times than I can count. I would like to work with you to get your product replaced. I will give you a call so we can discuss further. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend.


Fantastic Sleep!

I buy these for my husband to help him to sleep and relax at nighttime. He’s in love with them!! And tasty as well! 😋

Thank you so much for leaving a review Gina! We love that he loves them!!!