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My dog can't get enough of these

Highly recommend these for any dog owner! My dog absolutely loves them + will do anything for them and they definitely mellow her out when needed.

Doggie Treats

We have been giving our pup these CBD treats for a while now and he loves them. Every morning he sits and waits for his cookie, takes it to his bed and chews away. Barlow is a bit anxious and we think this helps him. We have now subscribed to get this monthly and not worry about running out . Thank you for making a good product our pup likes.

We are so happy to hear Barlow is doing well with the dog treats! Thank you for taking the time to write a review!

luscious cream moisture

since i have used this nightly on my hands, i have noticed a marked improvement in my skin hydration. My veins are visually diminished. This is a bonus.

3X Relief

3X Pain Relief Salve soaks in to deliver relief from a myriad of different pains. From joint pain to lower back pain to broken ankle pain I have had good results. A little goes a long way. It's the best!

so far, SO GOOD

I have slowly eased into making this part of my daily routine, afternoon delight. I look forward to the lift, and had no intestinal issues. I am a happy camper.

Great packaging; love that everything is recyclable!
Bar looked decadent and melted in my mouth! Wishing you much success!!

Love !

I'm highly recommending this oil to anyone with joint pain. Having issues with all my joints and awaiting an appt with a rheumatologist. In the meantime, I'm taking this oil and what a difference it has made. Pain significantly reduced that I can actually function. I think that if Dr. recommends medication, I will choose Schoppee Farms CBG Rich oil over any prescription. Thanks you guys, and continued success!
Kathleen L.

CBG Rich, Relief & Recovery Blend Oil

Calm grandog

While visiting my daughter and her one year old (very good but very active) pup I found these in the cupboard while pup-sitting and gave him one. He wound down and in about half and hour we got to take a nap! My daughter said later, "O yeah, he loves those-- don't use them all!" I ordered two bags to be delivered to her. We were shocked that they came 3 days later! We love that they are high-quality ingredients so after playing hard he can rest and relax (and Mimi might get a nap!). And that they are made in Machias, Maine makes them even better!

CBG Rich, Relief & Recovery Blend Oil & Arnica Pain Oil

The CBG oil helps with old age aches and pains and sleeping at night. The Arnica Pain Salve has relived arthritic pain in my fingers and wrists. I’m so glad I decided to try both hemp products.

I used the salve last night. It’s the first time. I believe it was helpful


Great quality as always great taste Would definitely recommend

Perfect Tee

Soft fabric, great fit. The packaging for a tee shirt was very impressive. Classy presentation and a personal hand written note!! Nice touch

Grassroots Wellness

I love everything about Schoppee Farm. Thank you for getting out the order so quickly and shipped out. I’m so glad that we have your product in our Wellness Center

Exceptional Smoke

I’ve always loved adding CBD flower to my rolls — However, CBD flower is sparse in the local cannabis market.
I was immediately impressed with the feel of this bud - Stickier than some of the med bud I’ve bought recently!
Lovely flavor, smooth smoke, fine earthy aroma.

I work at a medical dispensary and I’ve written down your website for many patients already ;)

Hi Monica,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I am so happy to hear you are having good luck mixing our hemp flower with higher THC flower!


Pet CBD Drops Wild Alaskan Salmon

In short time we have been giving our dog the drops we have seen a noticeable difference in her behavior. Prior to starting she would chew on her paws, that has decreased by 75%. Her demeanor is much more relaxed !!

Hi Lisa!

That is so great to hear your pup is feeling a bit more relaxed! Thank you for writing a review!


Wonderful product!

Use it every night! Love it!

Super Salve

Tried this salve on my shoulder pain. It felt so good within minutes of applying. Nice to have a salve that relieves quite a bit of the chronic pain.

Amazing Products

Started giving my boxer cbd drops for her degenerative myopathy. Huge benefit. Ben is informative and helpful. I have tried many of the products and all have been exceptionally beneficial. I

Grassroots Wellness ❤️U


I am a big believer in inflammation being the root of all evil (and there's a lot of science to back that up). To that end, I use this oil daily to keep things in check. I'm not old, but I'm not young, and I feel that using this daily along with other healthy habits is going to glide me into a healthy and active old age (when that time comes, 30 years from now). I love it, and highly recommend it.😎👍

We think inflammation is the root of most things evil as well! Really happy to hear you are having good luck with the oil. I take it daily as well!


Delicious, Gentle Tea

This tea smells delightful while brewing and is as equally delightful to drink. It offered a lovely evening calm, which helped gently lull me into a good night sleep.

Great product

I have a difficult time sleeping through the night, and this product has made a difference! I love it!

Great product!

I use this salve all the time and it works amazing! No pain once you put it on and the relief is life changing! I highly recommend this product to anyone that has arthritis and or aches and pains that are extremely uncomfortable!

A treat from the stars

Agree with the earlier review, move over Nutella. This Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline Spread is awesome!! Highly recommended. It's the best of all worlds!


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