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The daytime booster!

You don’t get high, but you get smart and energetic. Perfect for taxing days at work. Very yummy.

a winner

My anxiety ridden dog loves these. Helps to calm him down quickly and he loves the taste. thanks for the help for him

Arnica Salve

I purchased a tin of this because the Wellness Connection was out of stock of their salve that contains CBD and THC and are unclear about when their kitchen, which was damaged in the floods, will be up and running again. That combo seems to work better on my arthritis. Any chance you could make a salve that also has THC in it? I love the consistency and smell of the Arnica…I just don’t think it’s as therapeutic!

Very helpful

I always thought CBD oil sounded like snake oil, so I never wanted to try it. But then a friend gave me a bottle of Schoppee Pet CBD Drops, so I started giving it to my aged, arthritic German Shepherd. Much to my amazement, she responded within about 24 hours and kept improving over the next week or so. She's been on it twice daily ever since. Nothing will keep her going forever, but these drops are keeping her much more comfortable.

BTW, I got a bottle of your pet drops for a friend with an aged Irish Setter who seemed to be pretty close to the end, and my friend has been just as surprised as I was at how well his dog has responded. So now, rather than thinking that CBD oil is snake oil, I think it offers significant help for dogs with pain and inflammation.

Very helpful, works magic for my pup with anxiety

I’m a college student and my dog struggles with separation anxiety, and these treats help her so much when I’m away at class. Without these treats she has a really hard time, she cries, barks, and has accidents when I’m not home, and these treats were a total game changer. Almost immediately I could see a difference, she’s more relaxed and stopped having accidents, so now we get orders of them monthly so she’ll always have them since they help so much! Not only do they help with her anxiety, but she just gets very excited for the treats in general, and seems to prefer them over other treats! Overall they’ve made a world of a difference for my pup, and she’s happier and calmer because of them.

Raw Face Cream
Denise H.
Love this

I don't go a day without putting this on. Very light. Waiting for more to be available to order. <3

Good sleep by customers

Lots of my customers really love the product and they are happy about the results.

Sleep gummies that really help with sleep

Excellent sleep gummies for a good nights sleep!


I was prescribed long acting 12.5mg Ambien pre & post 2014 right hip replacement surgery. I became dependent on Ambien almost immediately. If I didn't take the med, I couldn't sleep. I tried numerous times to quit cold turkey or wean off of the medication to no avail. If I didn't take it I became zombie like for days on end & it truly felt like I was living in hell on earth! I lived in that dependent place for almost 10 years!
Then 60 days ago I tried my very 1st gummy ever in life; it was a Schoppee Farm live resin THCV gummy. The bright orange flavor was wonderfully delicious & a lovely uplifting experience that within a handful of minutes had me feeling incredibly clear, focused and present. This experience had me trying Schoppee additional live resin gummies. Loved what felt like a late afternoon glass of wine, their Unwind gummy. But the Schoppee Farm revolutionary Live Resin gummy that has completely changed my life and my dependency to an awful & unnatural medication is their Live Resin SLEEP Gummy. Within 3 days I had stopped the Ambien completely and have never missed or craved Ambien again.
Today I am 39 days in using Schoppee Farm Live Resin Sleep gummies but what's really wild is that I don't have to take them every night to have deep restful sleep! After a week of taking them every night, I went to 4 days a week. When I take them I wake up well-rested, present, clear and composed. But what's really amazing is when I don't take them I wake up well-rested, clear and composed! I am forever grateful to the good folks at Schoppee Farms who have changed my life, my brain and my behavior through these amazing natural healing and delicous Live Resin Gummies! XO Johnna

Migraine Relief

So far, this has been the only thing that works on my headaches. I’ve tried everything including Botox Treatments that my Neurologist ordered. Schoppee Farm produces quality products!

Lovely strain

First time vaping CBD flower, but definitely won’t be the last if I can get stuff like this. The pine aroma is nice, complemented by notes of mint and green tea (my SO detected lavender), and it seems potent. I got immediate feelings of relaxation and calm.

Helps a little

Helps a little with the eucalyptus oil vaporizer for my dogs collapsed trachea. Not as much as I'd like.

Great product

I find the Calm oil so helpful and keep it with me all the time for occasions when I need to take the edge off or stave the rise of anxiety !

Body Lotion • Full Spectrum
Deirdre B.
Instant Relief

This product is a lifesaver. I find it brings instant and long lasting relief to my arthritic wrists. Highly recommend.


As in INSTANT relief. I suffer from sever arthritis and still crochet. My hands ache every night with a pain level of 8. . I rub this in and within seconds, my pain is reduced to a 1 or 2 at most. I’m so relieved to get relief without narcotics. The quality is outstanding and very little is needed. Bless you Schoppee Farms!!!!

A breath of fresh air

This has been a blessing for my high strung 3 year old lab. We’ve never had an animal that is so full of energy despite the exercise she gets on a daily basis. We’ve tried other products from other companies and these by far have been amazing. My husband and I are finally able to sit down and watch the news without our dog literally up our butt. We give them to her at 6:30 and by 7:30 she is very mellow and finally sleeps all night.

Nothing to Review!

Very difficult to submit a review for a product that has yet to arrive. I've been patiently waiting since I placed the order on August 28th. Also of today (September 20th), I'm still waiting. I emailed this merchant on September 9, no response. I left a voicemail on September 11, no response. However, that same day I received notification that a USPS label was created. I thought that was the merchant's response to my concerns (although an actual call or email would have been nice), so I waited. When nothing else happened, I called again on September 18 and a spoke with an actual person. They stated that they would ship out immediately via FedEx to assure quick delivery. That same day I received notification that a UPS label was created (not FedEx but okay). Have not heard a single thing since. How long does it actually take to package a product and get it shipped? Very unhappy with merchant handling of this order and have since begun a charge dispute with my credit card.

Thank you for the trial bottle of the relief and recovering oil. . I am finding that it is effective in taking the edge off the pain from my broken clavicle. And the taste is much better than others I have tried. I have been taking it at night with time release melatonin for sleep and it definitely is helping. I just ordered a bottle of the day time oil and am eager to see how that works for me. And perhaps try the flavored oil next time. THANK YOU, again.
PS - I am also portioning out my remaining pate de fruit. It is heavenly.

My go to for anxiety

I have been dealing with some medical issues for a very long time with no help from doctors. I have severe anxiety and I have a lot of issues with pharmaceuticals, so I try natural remedies as much as possible. The prescriptions medications I did try either didn’t work, or gave me terrible side effects. This CALM tincture is the best thing I have found, i can feel my anxiety melting away.

leg cramps

My husband has not been able to sleep because problems with legs. We have tried may aplications nouthing worked until he tried sweet sleep to go plus a little more thc it works like a charm so far.!!! Thank you, thank you

Great CBD Treats!!

My dog has bad anxiety, and is very picky about treats. We have tried other CBD treats, but she just wouldn’t eat them. We tried a 10 piece bag of the dog treats, and immediately bought a 30 piece bag! She loves them, and we love her anxiety shooting down!!

Old Fashioned Pâte de Fruit • 20mg full spectrum CBD each

Raw Face Cream
Nicole N.
Very light and smooth

I am very happy with this product! It is whipped and oh, so light. I had 0 reaction to it and love how it doesn't feel like I have applied anything to my skin.

Great product

Only issue - could smell better

Arnica pain salve

This product definitely gets the job done!


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