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Nothing to Review!

Very difficult to submit a review for a product that has yet to arrive. I've been patiently waiting since I placed the order on August 28th. Also of today (September 20th), I'm still waiting. I emailed this merchant on September 9, no response. I left a voicemail on September 11, no response. However, that same day I received notification that a USPS label was created. I thought that was the merchant's response to my concerns (although an actual call or email would have been nice), so I waited. When nothing else happened, I called again on September 18 and a spoke with an actual person. They stated that they would ship out immediately via FedEx to assure quick delivery. That same day I received notification that a UPS label was created (not FedEx but okay). Have not heard a single thing since. How long does it actually take to package a product and get it shipped? Very unhappy with merchant handling of this order and have since begun a charge dispute with my credit card.

Thank you for the trial bottle of the relief and recovering oil. . I am finding that it is effective in taking the edge off the pain from my broken clavicle. And the taste is much better than others I have tried. I have been taking it at night with time release melatonin for sleep and it definitely is helping. I just ordered a bottle of the day time oil and am eager to see how that works for me. And perhaps try the flavored oil next time. THANK YOU, again.
PS - I am also portioning out my remaining pate de fruit. It is heavenly.

My go to for anxiety

I have been dealing with some medical issues for a very long time with no help from doctors. I have severe anxiety and I have a lot of issues with pharmaceuticals, so I try natural remedies as much as possible. The prescriptions medications I did try either didn’t work, or gave me terrible side effects. This CALM tincture is the best thing I have found, i can feel my anxiety melting away.

leg cramps

My husband has not been able to sleep because problems with legs. We have tried may aplications nouthing worked until he tried sweet sleep to go plus a little more thc it works like a charm so far.!!! Thank you, thank you

Great CBD Treats!!

My dog has bad anxiety, and is very picky about treats. We have tried other CBD treats, but she just wouldn’t eat them. We tried a 10 piece bag of the dog treats, and immediately bought a 30 piece bag! She loves them, and we love her anxiety shooting down!!

Old Fashioned Pâte de Fruit • 20mg full spectrum CBD each

Raw Face Cream
Nicole N.
Very light and smooth

I am very happy with this product! It is whipped and oh, so light. I had 0 reaction to it and love how it doesn't feel like I have applied anything to my skin.

Great product

Only issue - could smell better

Arnica pain salve

This product definitely gets the job done!

Really helps sore muscles!

Love this stuff!

I have an arthritic ankle that sometimes causes me a lot of pain and keeps me from being able to fall asleep at night. Whenever I rub this arnica pain salve on, it feels so much better, and I am able to fall asleep. I'm amazed at the difference it makes.

CBD honey

Perfect blend of honey and wildflower. Was very easy to order, and delivery was pretty quick. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.

CBG Rich, Relief & Recovery Blend Oil

Lane dog happy again

Our 12 year old husky is an amputee. With only 3 legs to get around on and age settling in, she did not have the strength to get up anymore and would belly crawl around the house. We decided to give these a shot before putting her down and now she is up on all 3s again! She thanks you!

Great product

I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this product. It arrived quickly.

A dream come true!

I suffer from insomnia and find the best relief from CBN. I love the elderberry addition to it and if you’ve been eyeing this or are trying to find the right sleep oil for you, order this!

The quality of sleep that I have gotten after starting sweet sleep is remarkable. I highly recommend.

Great night sleep, every night!

I have always had a very difficult time falling and staying asleep. Sweet Sleep to go helps me fall asleep and stay asleep for a full, restful night !

Incredible relief!

Love this salve for my massage clients seeking relief from carpel tunnel, plantar fasciitis, joint paint, low back pain, to name a few!
Thank you for making such a wonderful, organic, effective product!

Made a 16 yr old dog feel better

My dog is almost 16 years old and of course, at that age comes the trials and tribulations of bad legs. This CBD has certainly helped her move around better.

SLEEP Oil with CBN
Catherine N.
This stuff works!

I initially fall asleep pretty easily, but it’s the 3:00 am wake-up that will terrorize my ability to get back to sleep. I take this as late as possible, as I get into bed. If I get up for a bathroom trip around 1:00 or 2:00 I take a bit of a booster. I awaken in the morning without any groggy feeling. So wonderful! Thank you.

CBG Rich

Great product to help boosting energy as well a good mood. Does not help me with inflammation or pain.


thank you! love this product, it actually works.

SLEEP Oil with CBN
Christopher C.
Works nicely

Definitely helps with sleep, especially with a second 1/2 dose in the middle of the night.

SLEEP Capsules with CBN
Elizabeth D.D.
Wonderful product

I decided to give this product a two month test before reviewing. I have been using a popular sleep RX from big pharma for the past 20 years and would like to wean myself from it using my doctors recommendation of tapering off. On the nights I don't use the RX I use a dropper full of the "Sleep Special", I wake up refreshed and clear headed, I no longer wake up to eat something which was always a problem but I do wake up to relieve myself which was one of my concerns. The product is pleasant to take and unlike the RX which has a very short window between taking it and falling asleep. Now, I take your product an hour before I plan on sleeping and I can read my book for an hour before turning off the light and snuggling down, I think (?) I fall asleep in about 5 minutes.
I am 80 years old.
Elizabeth, North Yarmouth, ME


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