It begins with our legacy...

After nearly 60 years the Schoppee Farm reopened its doors in 2019 to dive in to the world of organic hemp.

After serving the people of Downeast Maine for over 100 years, as a small town dairy, the Schoppee Farm closed in the early 1960’s. For the next, nearly 60 years, the farm remained in the family and produced organic hay for neighboring farms. With acres of rich farmland on the Maine coast, untouched by any pesticide, industrial fertilizer, or other crops, the Schoppee fields presented the perfect opportunity for the eighth generation to try something new by doing something old. Following in the footsteps of their great grandparents, Peter and Ben decided to join the old family business.

Now owned and operated by the eighth generation of Schoppee farmers the pristine fields have been cultivated and planted with organic hemp. The old barns have been turned in to drying and processing spaces and the old farmhouse into living quarters. We are proud to produce our beyond organic products, from seed to shelf, all on the Schoppee Farm. This ensures the very purest CBD product is always delivered to your door.

Coastal Maine + Organic Hemp

No matter which product you choose, you can trust that each was handcrafted with consistency and care by our friends and family entirely on our farm. We not only believe in clean and natural solutions to improve every day life but also in providing products you can feel confident in. Ready to give us a try?


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