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Nautical Farms

In order to grow the best quality hemp we are always on the lookout for the best quality inputs to amend our soil. Because the Schoppee Farm is based on the coast of Downeast Maine, sea sourced ingredients are a natural choice. They are local, natural, and sustainable.

Nautical Farms harvests ocean grown kelp as a key supplement for our crop. Kelp is an amazing additive to soil and we use it around the plants root systems when they are young to encourage root growth. It also helps break down compost and plant material making the nutrients in the soil more available. When our plants are moved to the fields we emulsify the kelp and feed it to our crop through drip lines so the plants have access to kelp goodness all season long!

"Nautical Farms was born out of the idea that we could positively impact the world we live in by creating a sustainable business that grows high quality, edible seaweeds, supplies jobs, and supports community health, and food systems through delivering products that are both planet + people friendly. All while reversing climate change." 



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