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August Lim

August Lim and Schoppee Farm have partnered together to combine the benefits of energy healing and hemp products to assist the body’s natural healing process.

"August is a 9th generation reiki practitioner under Dr. Mikao Usui, globally certified to treat adults, children, pets, and plants. Growing up in the speed of New York and North New Jersey, it is well understood that taking a pause in a world that is constantly moving is an important part of self-care. Since 2015, she has promoted better quality lives through conscious consumption. This doesn't stop at a healthy diet for the body, but also in healthy habits for the mind. August's goal is to create positive content that educates, encourages, and assists people unlock new methods of natural healing. No matter what walk of life one comes from, she believes that peace and optimal health is a birthright. In 2019, she moved on to creating "Weekly Woosah with August Lim" - a holistic health, happiness & meditation podcast, now available on all major podcast directories streaming in 43+ countries and 500+ cities worldwide." 



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